What is a mobile processor and choose your smartphone based on a variety of processors

What is a mobile processor and choose your smartphone based on a variety of processors


This is an era of smartphones, they are cardinal part of our lives, not just a phone it is our music and video player, our HD selfie cameras, camcorders, anytime browser ultimately a life savior. And so as to carry out such ninja activities your smartphone needs to carry a brain that can process what all you want out of it and to carry out all those functions and that brainy little geek of your smartphone is its PROCESSOR. It makes the world possible on your screen.

So let’s talk about this tiny brainy creature of your smartphone that is more talked about and lesser understood by masses.

Here’s what you need to know all about mobile processors especially when you are on a new smartphone or tablet hunt. Starting your hunt by reaching to spec section you hear a lot of word play going around dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core! What’s happening duh?

How will you get this mobile processor to compare? Let’s go to the elementary school of processors and cores to land up on that perfect smartphone with butter smooth user experience.

What is mobile PROCESSOR?

The processor is the powerhouse and brain of all the smartphones around. It does the processing and executes all your wishes on screen. Behind the screen you see is a whole lot of computer set up, instructing the apps how to function, how the browsing will be completed, how your AI empowered super HD cameras will work and much more.

Reaching about the Core in Mobile Processor

You must have heard companies blowing their trumpets about multiple core processors.

The processing unit or the processor is made up of a number of cores. This is how the processor divides the work among the tiny bits of processors i.e. cores. Dual core processor having two cores, quad core having four and so on.

You will wonder how much more mobile processor types?

Every processor’s cores are divided in group of efficient cores and high performance empowering core group. Say for example, an octa core processor having eight cores one set of cores provides with high performance when it demands, buton the other hand other set delivers less performance in comparison but can carry out your mundane activities at the benefit of less battery drain.

But when you switch to playing high graphics intense games, watching YouTube videos, the chip switches to performance enduring powerful cores but star mark it that it drains your battery super fast. More cores make your user experience hassle-free.

MYTH BUSTER about the Processors core

Reading the above details you must have made up the calculation that an octa core processor will be twice as fast as quad core one. But please trash this calculation as most of the time your smartphone is just working on efficient group of cores. It only switches to higher cores when we load up the smartphone with multitasking. So yes while multitasking octa core will prove better but not necessarily twice speedy.

Picking up a smartphone according to your processor choice is a tricky task. Qualcomm and MediaTek rank among top mobile processor companies. Companies like Samsung, Huawei and Apple also make processors for their own brand smartphones. We bring you this smartphone processor ranking.

List of Smart Phone and Tablet Mobile Processors


Qualcomm’s latest upgrade Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is the new superhero in the market. This upgrade is designed keeping Virtual Reality and AI in mind.

It also offers six degrees of freedom for motion tracking without any additional external hardware. Also deferred rendering and resolution have been optimized.

Snapdragon 855 features all new tensor accelerator keeping AI in focus. Qualcomm’s AI chip make it to 7 trillion calculations per second.

Snapdragon 855 is not yet featured in any smartphone, we are expecting upcoming Samsung S10 to come up with this power packed processor.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10, Asus Zenfone 5Z, Sony Xperia XZ2, LG V30, Google Pixel 2, Motorola Moto Z Force (2nd gen), HTC U Ultra

Samsung Exynos 9810

Samsung is also a big player in the mobile processor manufacturing industry. Samsung has also best performing processor which are used by itself and also provide others.

Recently it (Samsung Exynos 9810) came with packed in Samsung Galaxy S9. It worked upon biometric and facial recognition. GPU is reduced from 20 to 18 arithmetic units.  With no additional sub-unit for AI tasks, Samsung achieves that upper notch.

Samsung have some high performing series of processors i.e. Exynos 9 Series, Exynos 9 Series, Exynos 7 Series and Exynos 5 Series.


Samsung Galaxy S9,

Huawei Kirin 980

Features of the Kirin 980 has eight cores: two for turbo performance, two for long-term performance and the last four and smaller are used to maximize energy efficiency when there is not much to do.

Architecture of the Kirin 980 will offer the fastest Wi-Fi speed in the world for smartphones, with a speed of 1,732 Mbit / s.

The 980 adds many enhancements, including a more powerful Mali G76 GPU and incorporates a new dual-core processor designed for AI acceleration.

The Kirin 980 has an additional 40% energy efficiency and a 62.5% lower matrix area than the 970 due to the contraction of the treatment.

Huawei featured Kirin 980 in its own brand smartphone Mate20 Pro. Brand has put intense efforts in AI for sure. According to the brand’s promise it is the first processor in the world manufactured with 7 nmk process.



MediaTek’s Helio P60

Latest launched processor of the brand targeted towards the premium market. This MediaTek’s most advanced chip, bringing NeuroPilot AI technology to the heart of smart phones, in addition to the core power of the built-in artificial intelligence for face and image detection as well as for heavy gaming, smart videos, and multitasking applications. Therefore, it will appear on high end phones.

First phone launched utilizing Helio P60 will be Oppo R15. Company claims that Helio P60 will serve 70 percent performance enhancement in comparison to Helio P23 and P30.

Helio P60 also features three image sensor processors for optimally supporting a dual- camera configuration up to 48 megapixels, or dual-cameras of 24 + 16 megapixels, and will also help in noise reduction.

The Helio P90 is also compatible with LPDDR4x 2 channel 1866 MHz RAM, with a support of up to 8 GB of RAM

According to mobile GAMERS

All those hard core gamers may be wondering best phone processor for gaming which provides with unstoppable gaming experience. Your gaming experience is directly proportional to graphics your smartphone offers. That is where GPU’s (Graphic Processing Unit) importance comes into play.

You are required to have a powerful GPU to enjoy all games at high graphics. Adreno, Mali & PowerVR are 3 major GPU’s in smartphone space.

Best processor according to your gaming needs is Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 800 series processors. Mostly android games run well on Qualcomm snapdragon.

Snapdragon’s Adreno GPU has the best compatibility. They possess better GPU combinations compared to other competitors in the market. Snapdragon uses Adreno GPU and almost all other processors use the Mali GPU.

That one Perfect Processor

There’s nothing like a perfect processor. Different companies offer different specialties or strong points. Qualcomm is trying to provide innovations in graphics and VR.

Samsung on the other hand is putting efforts in developing efficient processors.

Huawei is making sound in the market by focus on AI.

All these companies are trying its best to make it to fastest processor in mobile market. It depends on you that you are much of a game person or beauty queen needing 500 snaps a day. Choose quality specific processor according to your smartphone activities wisely.

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