How wearable technology has started progressing in our lives.
Why is wearable technology important

How wearable technology has started progressing in our lives.

wearable technology trends
Why is wearable technology important

Wearable Technology – making Live Smarter.

For some it’s a head twister. Duh, What is Wearable Technology?

Generally saying Wearable technology or devices is a set of technological devices that is worn by the users on their bodies to track their various personal activities and data. These wearable devices are infused with motion sensors that sync your data with your smartphone or other paired devices on real time basis.

But they are not only confined to helping you with your personal activities some got wider applications like it reframed lives of people around globe fighting with various diseases, becoming national defence system’s next hand to making significant addition in controlling climate change effects.

wearable technology infographics
wearable technology infographics

Why is wearable technology important? Why we need to bother?

Needless to say all these technologies are popping for that significant thing of life “Time”. Yeah, all these technologies are blossoming so as to save your dear time. You want to track your fitness, sports activities, and health, weather and hell lot of things at warp speed.

Other fact is your hustling busy lives. Where you don’t wanna pay for a personal assistant every month, technology brings you these onetime paid personal assistants forever 24X7 who will notify you for your calls, texts, calories, step counts, reminders etc.

Wearable technolgy company includes name of tech giants like Google and Apple Inc. But these new age companies or startups like FitBit and Xiaomi are giving a tough battle to the well established tech giants in the wearable tech market.

Here we open the hidden doors to the world of wearable technology. Presenting list of wearable devices floating in the market:

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are fitness-focused devices that keeps check of your fitness by step counts, calories burned, sleep patterns, heart rate etc.  It monitors your body so accurately to provide you with precise data of your fitness activities.

what is Fitness trackers
what is Fitness trackers

Types of fitness tracker include:

  • Heart rate monitoring trackers:  Fitness trackers that keep track of wearers changing heart rates when you are resting, exercising or doing heavy lifts. A perfect example of wearable technology in healthcare.
  • Sleep recording sensitive trackers: A lot of these fitness trackers keep record of your sleep pattern. What they do is, they watch for your movement during sleep using a three –axis accelerometer to much more sensitive than they do in non-resting hours. Few of them present the graph of your quality of sleep when you were sleeping and also tells when you were in deep sleep.
  • Sport specific fitness trackers: Get your game on with sports specific trackers. Every sports have its unique activities and every sports person aims at tracking different aspects according to their game. So are designed different sport specific trackers unique to different games.

Fitness trackers rating in market:

  • FitBit Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker overall.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 runs the best for iPhone users.
  • Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro  for android clan.
  • Blast motion jump tracker, PlayerTek, Fitbit Ionic, Pulse Play, Suunto Spartan HR Baro are those sport specific trackers.


  • Essentially the much needed motivation it provides to reach your fitness goals.
  • Keep a record of your progress. For example how much calories you burnt last week, how much improvement is happening and hence will push you to achieve more.
  • Long hours of sitting are becoming everyone’s part of life. We are just becoming those real couch potatoes. But, don’t worry your fitness tracker’s reminder feature will tell you when to move.


  • The calorie burnt accuracy is still is in question box. It may tell you a probable amount off course.
  • Not so accurate calculations of distance travelled.
  • Some of these trackers enable you with options like social media sharing of your progress. But supposedly your friend was able to do more progress that puts you in a spot of comparison which can lead to self depreciation sometimes.

Smart watch

Your watch has gone smarter! Yes these wearable smart watches. They have turned into perfect smartphone companion and cancelling the hassle of missing important phone calls when you were here and there by notifying you of your calls, texts, emails and social media updates. All on top of your wrist.

wearable smart watches
wearable smart watches

Types of smartwatches include:

  • Smartphone companion smartwatch: It need a wireless connected smartphone to work effectively. They notify you for your calls, messages, emails etc.
  • Do it all smartwatch:  They don’t need a smartphone to connect calls, browsing internet or sending your texts.
  • Classic Smartwatch: They are like traditional watches with those “smart features”. They send you notifications and few alerts. But their features are quite limited.

Naming different smart watches according to your individual needs:

  • Pebble Time Smart watch is best smart watch for keeping it cheap and simple.
  • Xiaomi Amazfit when looking for great battery life.
  • Garmin Fenix 3 which comes with the best GPS.


  • Never miss a notification.
  • Making calls and sending texts all alone.
  • Stylish
  • Navigation when you are especially riding a two wheeler.


  • Battery drains out.
  • Limited screen size.
  • Smart watches price may not  seem pocket friendly.

Head mounted display

The next tech up is Head mounted display or HMD. These are the devices that can mount on your head consisting of a display in front of your eyes and let you experience virtual reality. Something that’s not real but will seem real to your eyes.

Two principle HMD types prevailing in market includes:

  • Desktop VR: When you aim for supporting heavy graphics desktop VR comes into play. In this case your display is connected with a more powerful computer system. It can be any computer like Mac, Windows PC or any specific gaming console.

Example Oculus Rift

  • Mobile VR: The rapid leap in mobile processors and their graphic support capabilities in past years made it possible to experience virtual reality with phones also. There are head mounted glasses that are tethered to your smartphones and hence you enjoy this virtual reality.

Example Google Daydream.


  • Used in aviation and military trainings generating the exact real like situations. A risk free way   of training.
  • You can experience this whole lot of world from your bedroom.
  • A heaven for hard core gamers.


  • It really augments the reality. You don’t realize the thing nearby and hence affects your social life. Who would like to go out when you are experiencing the whole world around you.
  • It risks your personal data.

Smart Jewellery

Your jewelries will no more remain decorative only. It got functionality with sense of design. The smart jewellery developed by our technologists will act as your activity tracker, sleep observer and a complete fitness tracker.

Some of these technologically beautiful jewellery includes:

  • Bellabeat Leaf Urban: A beautiful looking pendant equipped with activity tracker, stress sensibilities, and menstrual cycle tracker as well.
  • Ringly Luxe smart bracelet: A bracelet which can look up to your step counts, calories burnt, and notifies you with customized light alerts.
  • Smarty Ring: This smart ring when tethered with smartphones notifies you of your missed calls, texts, alarm clock functions, and meeting remainders.


  • You don’t need to carry traditional looking gadgets for your activity tracking when your beautiful jewellery can do that.
  • It gives you hands free user experience.


  • Data accuracy is still a concern.

Smart Clothing

These are your clothing that is developed with recent technologies. They can calculate your activities day long as you will be wearing the clothes whole day and it keeps in direct contact with your skin all around the day.

Some of the best smart clothing includes:

  • Nadi X: Well the finest smart clothing Nadi X yoga pants notifies you of when your yoga pose needs to be corrected and in response send vibrations to the body part that need to be fixed.
  • Sensoria Fitness Socks: A combination of sensors present and a connected anklet device presents a resultant data of how your foot landed on ground during running session, step counts etc. And send you recommendations of how you can improve your foot landing.
  • Naviano Swimsuits: Boasting aesthetically beautiful swimsuits powered with UV sensors tethered to your smartphones. Notifies you of when the UV rays are on heights and ask you to apply more sunscreen.


  • It helps like an instructor who corrects your exercise poses.
  • It notifies you of potential harm around.
  • Easy to carry.


  • You may not get much color options.
  • You may not get a wide range of designs.

The future of wearable technology market will aim at making wearables more smaller, smarter, better connectivity with smartphones and more affordable so that it finds more acceptibilty in the near future. Wearable technology trends are going to sparkle up our lives more in coming future.

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